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Enterprise Knowledge

Unlock the power of all the data within your ecosystem.

Powering LLM Use Cases for Dozens of innovative companies

We are proud to be working alongside multiple customers, learning from them and improving our products.


One platform, multiple applications

Traversaal's unified platform provides organizations the capability to deploy state of the art AI products as APIs and SaaS.

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Value Proposition

End to end GenAI Platform

Enhance your AI journey with Traversaal.AI's End-to-End GenAI Platform, seamlessly integrating advanced solutions tailored to meet your business requirements with precision and comprehensiveness.

State of the Art Research

Access the forefront of innovation effortlessly with Traversaal.AI's state-of-the-art research, available at your fingertips, empowering businesses with the latest advancements in artificial intelligence.

Build For Scale

Traversaal.AI is committed to future-proofing your business with AI solutions that are meticulously crafted to Build For Scale, ensuring scalability and adaptability to meet evolving industry demands.

Enterprise Solutions

Fine-tuned domain specific knowledge retrieval Copilot

Our AI system can streamline the process of searching for proprietary information within a workplace by efficiently scanning through diverse formats:

  1. 1

    All Data Formats: PDFs, text files, and logs, documents, sheets and code repositories.

  2. 2

    Applications: Seamless integration with workplace applications.

By leveraging natural language processing and machine learning algorithms, it can identify relevant keywords and patterns, making it easier to pinpoint exact info you need.

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Developer Products: Self-service APIs

Lighting Fast Retrieval APIs

Our augmented search has three parts, each available individually too:

  1. 1Web-Agent for Internet Reterieval
  2. 2RAG, powered by open-source and fine tuned LLMs
  3. 3LLM Inference: support for open-source and Industrial LLMs

This provides personalized and highly relevant search results.

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$1M saved annually

5x increase in productivity

3x decrease in time to go to market

Traversaal's end-to-end integration for language models has been a game-changer for our users where we can provide them with a highly personalized search and recommendation, along with the power of GPT for analysis.


Farzad K.

Founder @ Cicero

Secure Code

Private & Secure

Our AI system prioritizes security, ensuring that your company information remains safe and protected. We implement enterprise-grade security measures, which include robust encryption protocols and multi-factor authentication, to safeguard your sensitive data from unauthorized access or breaches.

Rest assured, our commitment to data security means that your company's valuable information is in trusted hands, fortified by industry-leading protective measures.

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Integration in 3 easy steps

  • 1Enterprise data

    We have the unique ability to connect across multiple data formats, applications and even domain specific internet search for embedding

  • 2Knowledge graph

    We use proprietary algorithm to create a knowledge graph from all the data which improves relevance, latency and reduces hallucinations

  • 3API/SaaS Endpoints

    We provide several forms of endpoints, from APIs to full stack web-interface


Integration in 3 easy steps


1Enterprise data

We have the unique ability to connect across multiple data formats, applications and even domain specific internet search for embedding

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does handle data privacy and security? takes data privacy and security seriously, implementing robust measures to safeguard customer data and comply with relevant regulations.

Can integrate with existing systems and platforms?

Yes, is designed to seamlessly integrate with existing systems and platforms, ensuring a smooth implementation process.

What industries can benefit from's conversational search and recommendation solutions?'s solutions are applicable across various industries, including e-commerce, customer support, knowledge management, and more.

Is scalable to handle a large volume of user queries?

Absolutely, is built to scale and efficiently handle a high volume of user queries, ensuring optimal performance even during peak usage.